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Tips for staying cool this Vegas summer

The summer heat is unbearable in Las Vegas. Temperatures get as high as 120 degrees. But what do you expect, you do live in a desert. You can’t always be in a cool, air-conditioned room. You have a life to live. You have work or school. The worst is when you have to run errands. Even if your car has working air conditioning, you still dread leaving your house. If you follow these tips to staying cool this summer, it shouldn’t be so dreadful.

Right now as you are reading this, put a handful of water bottles in your freezer. Frozen water bottles feel like heaven in the Las Vegas sun. If you do have to leave the house, grab a water bottle. While you’re walking outside you’ll have an ice cold bottle to keep your head cool. As the ice melts, you’ll have cold water to drink.

Wear loose clothes when you are going out. Sure, if you are a woman you want to look hot in a tight dress. This will cause you to be physically hot. You don’t want to overheat in the Las Vegas summer. Loose shirts will prevent your body from overheating. It’s worth not looking good if you are feeling cool.

Even if you are at home with the air conditioner on, you may still feel the heat. Most people don’t crank the A/C up too high because it can be very costly in the summer. There are a few simple tips to follow to keep your house as cool as possible.

For starters, turn off any unnecessary lights in your house. Sure, lights don’t give off an excessive amount of heat, but isn’t it best to avoid adding any amount of heat to your home? You don’t really need your lights on anyways. The sun stays out longer during the day so just open your blinds to let the light in.

Don’t cook hot food. Seriously, use a microwave if you must heat something up. The microwave won’t give off nearly as much heat as the stove or oven does. The food is just not worth turning the oven on. You will feel like you’re on fire if you do. Stick to cold subs and popsicles for your summer diet.

Don’t underestimate Las Vegas summer nights. Oh sure the sun is down and can’t beat down its deadly rays, but summer nights are still over 100 degrees! Go to bed naked, or the least amount of clothes as possible. Don’t use a blanket. You will wake up drenched in sweat if you do. Use a sheet. Better yet don’t use anything at all. Even with the A/C on, you should probably still use a fan at night. There is no reason to overheat yourself in your own house.

It’s very important for you to contact an air conditioning service in Las Vegas at the first hint it’s not working. You can’t afford to go even a day without working A/C in Vegas. JMAC Plumbing offers reliable service at an affordable price. For more information, contact 702.227.5622.

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