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Troubleshooting for Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

Whether you live alone or manage a bustling household, the kitchen is likely the center of it all. That’s why a dysfunctional garbage disposal is so frustrating. Surprisingly, many people don’t know that most garbage disposal repairs are easy to DIY.

So, use this guide to quickly troubleshoot the most common garbage disposal issues so that your home can get back to normal functioning.

3 Common Garbage Disposal Issues

It won’t turn on.

This means you’re probably dealing with an electrical problem. First check that the unit is plugged in. If it is, press the reset button (the button should pop out if the disposal is really reset). If the button doesn’t pop, check to make sure the breaker isn’t tripped. If it is, then you probably need to call a professional.

The sink is leaking.

If the leak is coming from where the disposal meets the piping, then something is probably just loose. Try tightening up the bolts and replacing the plumber’s putty. If the leak is coming from where the dishwasher connects to the sink, the same applies. You should be able to fix the problem by tightening the clamp. If you are really concerned, you can even go so far as to replace the hose.

The sink drains slowly.

In this situation, the drain line is probably clogged. Just take off the discharge pipe and remove the drain trap. Clean the trap with natural, non-corrosive cleaners to make sure you don’t cause any accidental damage.

If your troubleshooting efforts yield no results, call a professional plumber in Las Vegas to take care of the issue right away. You can contact JMAC Plumbing at 702.227.5622 today to schedule an appointment.

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