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Troubleshooting Common Heating Repair Issues

An unfortunate fact of the matter is that, in spite of all our maintenance and care, our heating systems sometimes stop performing at their best. While it makes the most sense to hire a professional to come fix the issue quickly and easily, it’s not always necessary.

You can save yourself a few bucks by troubleshooting your heating repair issues yourself. Some of the more common issues can be easy fixes if you don’t mind getting in there and scoping them out.

Is your unit running but producing no heat?

This heating repair issue is usually caused by a lack of fuel.

  • For a gas furnace (the most common type of furnace in Las Vegas): check the pilot light. If it’s out, the gas isn’t getting ignited and so you get no heat. If it is out, just follow the instructions on your furnace to get it lit again. If the pilot won’t stay lit, call a heating repair professional.
  • For an oil burning furnace: check your fuel levels and refill as necessary. If you already refilled and it still won’t work, it probably just needs to be reset. Follow the instructions on your furnace to reset it. If it still doesn’t work, call in the pros.

Is your unit running but producing moderate heat?

This heating repair issue is most often caused by problems with airflow. You likely need to replace your air filter, dust the vent and the fan motors. Just remember to turn off the unit and cut the power at the breaker before you start tinkering with the unit.

If you are dealing with a heating repair issue that is different from the two common ones listed in this post, there’s a good chance you’ll need an experienced technician to investigate the cause of the issue. So, call JMAC Heating & Air at 702.227.5622 to schedule an appointment today.

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