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The Truth About Air FIlters

Yesterday we shared a post busting a few misconceptions about air filters. Today, we’re following that same pattern of thought. Here’s a guide explaining a few truths about the type of air filters you should be purchasing.

Fact #1 | The filter is for your HVAC unit, not your lungs.

Air filters are made to protect your heating and cooling unit from large dirt particles and debris that will affect it’s efficiency. The truth of the matter is, air filters don’t protect you from small dust particles in the air at all.

Because of this, it may be unnecessary to purchase high efficiency air filters. The tightly woven fibers in those filters can actually block air flow more than they help.

Fact #2 | Washable filters get the job done perfectly.

You can opt for electrostatic filters that can be reused for as many as 10 years. All you have to do to maintain them and your unit is wash them once a month and allow them to dry before you re-install.

The price per filter can vary greatly. However, don’t let the higher price tag concern you. Electrostatic filters do cost more initially, but over time, the investment pays for itself tenfold.

For more information about air filters and the best options available for your heating and cooling unit, contact an air conditioning repair company at 702.227.5622 today.

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