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Are You Using Your Kitchen Sink Properly?

The sink is an essential part of everyone’s kitchen, which is used on a daily basis to clean dishes and dispose of food. It is important that the kitchen sink is properly maintained so your dishes don’t get compromised. Follow these tips for your sink to ensure that it is sufficiently clean.

Do clean the sink on a regular basis

The best way to ensure that your sink is clean at all times is to actually clean it on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you have to clean your sink every day. There may be some days that your sink doesn’t get used at all, but any time you put food in the sink or wash your dishes, be sure to clean the sink as well.

Don’t leave wet sponges in the sink

The water that gets trapped under a sponge or cleaning pad can cause discoloration of the surface of your sink. It can also cause bacteria to build up if the sponge wasn’t washed out properly.

Do rinse the sink thoroughly after each use

Any time you are washing dishes or leave behind any traces of food in your sink, it needs to be rinsed out. Leaving behind even the smallest bits of food can cause bugs and bacteria to gather in your sink. Run hot water in your sink for a few minutes after each use to ensure every drop of food has been washed down the drain.

Don’t wash solid foods down the drain

Solid foods like chicken bones or fruit peels should be thrown in the trash. If you wash them down the drain, it can cause your pipes to clog and could possible damage them. Any small food residue left on your plate is okay to wash down the drain, just as long as it is small enough to pass through easily.

Do towel dry after each use

Letting water sit along the surface of your sink for too long can cause minerals to build up, which can cause damage to the exterior of the sink. Use a towel to dry out the sink to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Don’t allow soap or other cleaners to dry on your sink

Some of these household cleaners have a lot of chemicals in them. Letting these products dry on the surface of your sink won’t only damage it, but they might get stuck on and become hard to remove.

Do take preventative measures

This means always observing how your sink is working. If there is a leak in your sink that you aren’t aware of, it could be there for days causing other problems to occur. By constantly checking the efficiency of the sink, you can get any problem fixed as soon as it occurs and prevent further damages.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of a sink is essential to keep it functioning for a long time. If you do find any problems with your sink, even if it is minor, contact an expert at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning immediately. They have over 30 years of experience and can fix any type of repair. For more information about Las Vegas plumbing services, contact 702.227.5622.

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