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Watch Out for A/C Repair Scams

The excruciatingly hot summers in Las Vegas require an efficient air conditioning system. If you experience any problems with your air conditioner, you should call an expert right away. During the summer, most companies will likely increase their repair prices. Are you really getting what you paid for? Not every company will scam you for your money, but there are some businesses that might be charging you for unnecessary repairs.

Jeff Rossen from the Today Show set up hidden cameras to reveal the dishonesty of some air conditioning companies. They had three expert technicians check out the unit, and all reported that the unit was in perfect working condition. The president of a top A/C company displayed how breaking a single wire can shut the entire unit down. He explained that he would typically charge less than $200 for the fix, and if other technicians charged more they would be lying and ripping off the customer.

Testing Technician’s Honesty

The team wired the house with hidden cameras, and had a woman pose as the homeowner. She called six different A/C companies to fix the broken wire, hoping to hear estimates below $200. The first technician found the broken wire, but wanted to charge the woman nearly $400 for the replacement part. However, the replacement part was not necessary, and the technician was trying to scam her. Rossen confronted the technician about his dishonesty, and he left without a comment.

The second technician was able to detect and fix the problem within minutes. However, he claimed that the unit was leaking combustible fluid, so he had to replace a certain part. He said that the problem would have to be fixed the same day, and his bill was nearly $700. The technician claims he was not ripping off the client, and the company backed him up saying, “The employees follow a code of ethics. I stand behind my technician who presented the problem correctly.”

The next two technicians tried to charge the woman for over $800 worth of parts. Upon seeing Rossen, they immediately left the house. One threatened to hit Rossen, and another actually got physical with him.

Another technician wanted to charge the woman for a part that isn’t even used in that particular type of air conditioning unit. The part would have cost over $900, and the technician only responded with, “I don’t have to be on camera.” When Rossen talked with the company later, they said that the technician was fired.

Final Results

The final results revealed that all six companies tried to overcharge the woman. Rossen later explained that it is important to get your unit checked annually, which can prevent it from breaking in the middle of a heat wave.

Though many companies will lie to get more money, there are still a few honest companies out there. The experts at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning will provide quality service without overcharging you. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust that the experts will properly fix your unit. For more information about air conditioning repairs in Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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