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Proper Water Heater Maintenance

Without properly maintaining your water heater, your house could suffer severe water damage. Even the smallest leak can transform your house into a lake of water. It’s fairly simple to properly maintain this appliance. Follow these tips and your water heater will be working efficiently and even last longer.

Check the pressure

The pressure relief valve needs to be checked on a regular basis. Before you inspect the pressure valve, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, it’s imperative that you turn off either the electricity or gas that is powering the water heater. If you neglect to do this step first, you risk injury to yourself and causing further damage to the appliance. Next, you need to shut off the cold water inlet. Once everything is properly turned off, you need to pull the trip lever on the valve. It’s best to keep a bucket below the valve because water will spill out. After you pull the lever, listen for the sound of air rushing out of the appliance. If no air or water rushes out, it may be time to drain the tank and replace the valve. Contact a Las Vegas plumber to ensure it is replaced correctly.

Flush the tank

Generally, it’s a good idea to flush the water tank after you check the pressure valve. Even if the appliance seems to be working well, it’s never a bad idea to get rid of the old water that has been left in the tank. To drain the water tank, connect a garden hose to the end of the drain valve. The other end of the hose should be laid out somewhere that can handle scalding water. As you open the drain valve be sure the pressure valve is still open. From there, the water should pour out getting rid of any grimy sediment along with the water, which will prevent clogs from building up. After you have drained the tank, disconnect the hose from the drain valve and reconnect it to a water spigot to fill it back up. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, a Las Vegas plumber can do the job for you.

Insulate the pipes

The hot summer months of Las Vegas can cause condensation to form around the cold water pipes. Using self-sticking foam around the pipes can keep the water cold. You can find pipe insulation in your local hardware store, just be sure to measure your pipes first so that you buy the right size. If you are unsure what type of pipe insulation to get, contact your Las Vegas plumber.

Even with all the proper maintenance, water heaters do not last forever. One day, it’s likely your water heater could break down on you. Before a huge wave of water floods your home, contact a Las Vegas plumber at JMAC Plumbing & Air Conditioning. The experts can be at your house in no time to fix the problem before it gets worse. They even offer 24-hour emergency service. For more information about plumbing services in Las Vegas, contact 702.227.5622.

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