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A yearly AC tune-up is a necessity for any business or household. Especially when considering the sweltering heat of Las Vegas, AC tune-ups become not only a suggestion but essential to guaranteeing comfort within your space. Completing a regular AC tune-up and preventative maintenance within your HVAC systems is a simple way of eliminating many of the headaches experienced when confronting unexpected air conditioning issues. 


JMAC Plumbing & HVAC is here to maintain your air conditioning system’s performance to keep everything running in tip-top shape and keep everyone comfortable long-term.

What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is an inspection of the air conditioning system that occurs regularly, in which JMAC Plumbing & HVAC will evaluate your HVAC system’s efficiency, operation speed, and performance to help address minor issues before they become more serious. An AC tune-up can be as simple as a quick check-up or it could be an opportunity to repair or replace needed parts of the unit. To prevent substantial complications down the line and improve reliability, an AC tune-up is a necessity. Especially considering Las Vegas summers, the dust that accumulates in the air conditioning system can quickly corrode AC unit components and compromise efficiency. Since the AC unit likely operates at an increased rate in the summer, an AC tune-up guarantees that the unit doesn’t experience complications due to use. 


JMAC Plumbing & HVAC proudly offers AC tune-up services to Las Vegas residential and commercial spaces. Our experienced technicians are eager to explore your air conditioning system’s unique setup, identifying quick solutions to any complications that you might be experiencing. We believe in educating our customers to provide a full overview of their AC systems, and providing maintenance and repair services that fit their budget and specific system. 

What is the Cost of an AC Tune-Up?

Las Vegas AC tune-up companies will widely vary based on the price of an AC tune-up, but JMAC is here to make the process streamlined and affordable for all our valued customers. While the price of an AC tune-up might seem like an investment to some, the rewards for the regular maintenance will save you thousands of dollars down the line in potential repair and replacement costs. JMAC is proud of our affordable pricing and flexible services. Contact JMAC Plumbing & HVAC to get a quote on your annual AC tune-up and schedule a consultation today! 

JMAC’s Las Vegas AC Tune-Up Services

Our valuable consultation will provide an in-depth evaluation of your HVAC systems, and we’ll outline suggested steps for keeping your air conditioning system in prime condition. It’s natural to wonder what an AC unit entails, which is why JMAC will break down a few common steps of our annual AC tune-up. Some of the AC tune-up services JMAC proudly offers include but are not limited to: 

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Condenser coils cleaning
  • Electrical connections tightening
  • Coolant level analysis
  • And more! 

When to schedule an AC Tune-Up with JMAC 


It’s very natural to consider how frequently you should get an AC tune-up to keep everything operating as it should be. Our team of expert technicians recommends having your air conditioning system inspected and cleaned at least once to twice a year, depending on how frequently the air conditioning system is in use. With Las Vegas’ intense heat, it’s highly recommended to schedule an AC tune-up, even if your unit is operating efficiently and not showing any signs of technical issues. Prevent major issues and future discomfort by ensuring your AC is serviced at least once a year. 


There are many signs that your air conditioning system might be long-due for an AC tune-up. While some might neglect signs of wear and tear on an AC unit, oftentimes, these issues are a symptom of a larger overlying issue. Give JMAC Plumbing & HVAC a call if you notice any of these following issues with your AC unit and we’ll be happy to provide a tune-up and repair or replace any necessary parts. 


  • Dirty air filters: Air filters should be ideally replaced at least once to twice a year to keep air quality clean and the HVAC operating as it should. 
  • Thermostat malfunctioning: If you notice that the air temperature doesn’t change when the thermostat is modified, a bigger issue may be present. 
  • Irregular temperature distribution: If you notice that parts of the home are substantially warmer or colder than others areas, the HVAC system may need to be serviced. 
  • Blowing out warm/cold air inappropriately: When using your air conditioner, no one wants to deal with warm air blowing out when it’s hot outside or cold air blowing when it’s colder out. 
  • Strange/unusual noises: Strange noises coming from the AC unit are often a sign of mechanical wear and tear, meaning that the system needs to be looked at. Ignoring strange noises is a simple way to increase repair costs down the road, so give us a call! 
  • Leaking unit: If you notice that your AC unit is leaking, give us a call right away. Leaks are not a standard feature of any AC unit, and can quickly cause damage and create mold around the unit and to your space’s foundation. 

Benefits of Annual AC Tune-Up

While an annual AC tune-up might seem like a substantial investment, the rewards of keeping your air conditioning system far outweigh the financial risks. There are immeasurable benefits of completing an annual AC tune-up, especially for those that wish to avoid larger maintenance costs down the line that could have easily been avoided with preventative maintenance. Some of the major advantages of requesting JMAC to visit your space for an AC tune-up include, but are not limited to: 


  • Extend your air conditioning system’s lifespan
  • Lower energy and utility costs
  • Prevent breakdowns and disruption of service
  • Speed up cooling capabilities
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Prevent expensive emergency repairs

Contact JMAC Plumbing & HVAC for an Annual AC Tune Up! 


If you’re looking for a Las Vegas AC tune-up company that provides service for a wide variety of air conditioning unit models, look no further than JMAC Plumbing & HVAC. We provide extensive plumbing and air conditioning services for homes and businesses throughout the Las Vegas area, so you can trust we have the know-how and field experience to address any complications your HVAC system might experience. We provide 24//7 services so that you can stay comfortable, day or night. Contact JMAC Plumbing & HVAC today to schedule your annual consultation and guarantee non-stop comfort at any time of the year.