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If you’re experiencing a clogged or broken main sewer line, don’t fret: the JMAC Plumbing & HVAC team of experienced plumbing technicians is here to help and provide an expedited solution. An optimized sewage system is not only a matter of comfort but of your safety. Our licensed plumbing technicians are equipped and ready 24/7 to provide Las Vegas residents with an informed solution to sewer complications. Contact JMAC Plumbing & HVAC today to learn more! 

Have a Clogged Main Sewer Line? JMAC Plumbing & HVAC is Here to Help!

While many might not think of their main sewer line as a major fixture within a home, once it begins experiencing issues, finding a solution needs to happen as soon as possible. That’s why JMAC Plumbing is here around the clock so that your water line can be restored to its full operation promptly. We’ll discuss what issues you may be facing, identify the underlying problem, and find a quick fix that will work for your long-term needs. JMAC Plumbing & HVAC will unclog your main sewer line and fix or replace any broken, corroded, or collapsed sewer pipes.

What Causes a Clogged Main Sewer Line?

When you’re faced with a clogged main sewer line, a speedy solution is what you need the most. Many homeowners and business owners are shocked to find their main sewer line to be broken without knowing what factors led to the issue. Luckily, by knowing what typically causes a clogged main sewer line, you can better identify the signs of a broken or clogged line. Some of the most common causes of main sewer line complications include: 

  • Corrosion: Depending on when the home or building was built, corrosion is a natural part of the space getting older. Sewer pipes will deteriorate and break over time, which can cause sections of the main water line to restrict water flow and potentially collapse. 
  • Blockage: If water flow has become prohibited or restricted in some way, one of the most common causes is a buildup of grease or debris over time. When JMAC unclog the sewer line, we check for any buildup to eliminate these foreign objects and restore the line to proper efficiency. 
  • Bellied pipes: Have you noticed that a section of your water line has started to sink? This can happen due to the condition of the surrounding soil or ground, which could potentially lead to a valley that collects waste and debris. 
  • Leaking joints: The seals between pipes are responsible for maintaining that water flows as it should, but if these joints begin to leak, we have a problem. When these seals leak, water can escape into the area surrounding your pipeline, which can cause further damage to the water line and surrounding framework.
  • Roots surrounding the main line: When roots or trees grow and invade the location of your sewer pipes, these interruptions can prevent water line cleaning, leading to the pipe becoming damaged over time. 
  • Broken/cracked/collapsed pipes: Even if you keep your sewer lines in tip-top shape, a broken or cracked pipe is likely to pop up at some point or another. The pipes can be damaged due to frozen ground, house settling, or even shifting soil. 
  • Off-grade water lines: Unless you purchase a brand-new property, it’s likely that the existing water lines and pipes were constructed before you began using them. When these popes are constructed with outdated or substandard materials, corrosion and deterioration are natural.

How to Tell If You Have a Clogged Main Sewer Line

Now that we understand what typically causes the main water line to become clogged or broken, let’s explore some of the signs of these issues. By identifying these signs, you can avoid neglecting these issues until they become a larger issue and require you to make a massive investment to fix the line. Plumbing expenses can add up without the proper preventative care, so make sure to give JMAC Plumbing & HVAC a call if you catch one or even a combination of these tell-tale signs! 

Standing Sewage in a Sewer Cleanout 

A sewer cleanout is the pipe that is connected to the main sewer line. The sewer cleanout provides plumbing technicians access to clear any blockages. If you find that standing sewage in or draining out of the sewer cleanout location, there is likely a major clog in the main sewer line.

Multiple Drains Backing Up

The purpose of your space’s water lines is to transport water away from the home or business, with the main sewer line being the spot where numerous smaller drains control the water flow. Secondary sewer lines all feed into the main water line, so if you’re noticing that multiple drains are backing up, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the main line. By diagnosing the issue with the main line, these smaller pipes can be fixed in the process. 

Water Backup when Water is Being Used

Have you noticed that your water gets backed up in some locations while using your water fixtures? For example, have you noticed that flushing the toilet that the water gets backed up in your shower? Or perhaps sinks or toilets begin overflowing while using laundry machines? These issues can be a major sign of an underlying water line problem because the wastewater that is attempting to flow out of the space is blocked, and with nowhere to go, a backup occurs. 

Sewage in Floor Drains

Floor drains are commonly found in the base level floor or basement areas of a place. Most modern homes are built to align with local codes to feature floor drains that flow into a collection area where sump pumps carry water to other areas of the home. When the main sewer line becomes clogged, this water has nowhere to go, which can lead to sewage forcing its way into alternative drains. This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you have a clogged or broken sewer line, as you will eventually be able to physically see and smell wastewater and sewage coming up from the floor drains. 

JMAC Plumbing & HVAC: Las Vegas’s Trusted Place for Clogged Main Sewer Lines

Have you noticed any of the tell-tale signs of a clogged main sewer line or can identify numerous causes for compromised pipelines? Whether or not you have noticed these tell-tale signs, preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your main water line in full operation to avoid any headaches down the line. JMAC Plumbing & HVAC is here to listen to all your plumbing needs, provide an in-depth evaluation, and perform a speedy and efficient repair so that your comfort is guaranteed.