Keep Your Home Protected from the Freezing Temps

Winterize your home

We’ve had later-than-normal colder weather here in the desert this year. It is dipping into the upper 20s, so you need to be sure your home is protected from the freezing temps. If you haven’t already, it is time to winterize your home in Las Vegas!  To winterize your home refers to getting the three P’s (Plants, Pipes, and Pools) prepared for freezing weather. Our winters here in the Las Vegas valley aren’t extreme as compared to other parts of the country, but we do have some higher elevations and neighborhoods that can see temperatures below freezing throughout the season. Therefore, it’s important for all Southern Nevada residents, including tenants, to make the necessary precautions to winterize their homes. By being proactive about the Three P’s,  you can avoid potential damage to your home and property.


Have you ever seen burlap wrapped around palm trees or Styrofoam cups on your neighbor’s cacti in winter? Your plants are an important area that needs to be tended to in the cold winter months. It is necessary to adjust watering times, frequency and duration, so be sure to check and follow the Southern NV Water Authority’s rules.  Residents also need to cover sensitive plants on freeze nights (such as sheets or burlap on less hardy shrubs and plants). Also, you should find the right time to prune away dead growth when freeze damage does happen.  Check out the AZ Plant Lady’s recommendation for pruning. You may want to consult a landscaper on these issues to find out what’s suitable for your specific landscaping.


If you have exposed pipes outside your home, and most people do, they must be insulated from the cold. Here’s a great article from State Farm on how to do so. Not only does it prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, but it will also prevent condensation from freezing and help save on energy bills. Another tip is to leave a tap inside the home ever so slightly open on freeze nights. This keeps water moving through the pipes and helps prevent them from freezing . Don’t forget this important step in winterizing your home.


Even though you may not be using your pool during the winter months, pools still require winter maintenance. Chemicals and cleaning schedules should be adjusted and you should check with your pool service company to see if any pipes need additional protection from the elements. Another common mistake is not keeping up with pool safety precautions in the winter. “Watch your kids around water” is a common summer theme, but pools can be just as dangerous to little ones in winter months. Take extra measures to ensure that even when a pool is not in use it still has safety features in place. Make sure pool fences are in good repair and that gates are self-closing and latching.

If you should encounter a problem this winter, please reach out to the professionals at JMAC Plumbing and Air! We are here for you when you need us. Call 702-227-5622.