Video – Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Family’s Health

Your home’s Indoor Air Quality affects your family’s health and should be addressed. Having the right humidity levels, changing your filters regularly, and installing air-cleaning or filtration systems like UV lights and air scrubbers are some of the ways you can control to provide better air quality in your home.

The professionals at JMAC recommend the following to ensure your home’s air quality doesn’t negatively affect your family’s health:

• Change your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filters regularly, at least every three months. A good high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter will catch the particles before they reach your lungs. There’s just so much floating in the air that our eyes can’t even see.

  •  Clean regularly. Many health challenges are caused by dust, dirt, pests, bacteria, viruses, and mold. Regular house cleaning, especially vacuuming and dusting, helps to prevent these from building up and getting into the air.
  • Also, when cleaning, switching to more natural cleaning products using essential oils instead of harsh chemicals can make a substantial difference in your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Have your HVAC system cleaned and checked before turning it on. Be sure to schedule your semi-annual HVAC system’s maintenance appointment before using your heat and cooling for the first time. Proper cleaning and tune-up allow your system to run properly, helping to improve indoor air quality and increase your system’s life span.
  • Open your windows daily. Even in the coldest and hottest temperatures, it’s a good idea to open a window in every room for at least a few minutes to invite some fresh air in. It helps to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.

For all your air conditioning needs, and to learn more about how indoor air quality affects your family’s health, give the professionals at JMAC a call today!

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